Using your card with Google Pay

Google Pay is a quick and simple checkout process, allowing you to make secure transactions in stores, apps and online.

Why use your card with Google Pay

Enjoy all the benefits of your card with Google Pay on your everyday devices.

It’s easy, safe and convenient to use

Use Google Pay in countless locations: in shops, apps and online

Make purchases above the £100 contactless limit in countless locations

A secure way to pay

Your card and personal information always remain private.

• Your card number isn’t stored on your device or on Google servers

• Your card number is never shared with the person or retailer you’re paying – a unique, encrypted account number is used instead

• Your payment information is protected with multiple layers of security.

Only you can pay with your phone. Google Pay only works when your device is unlocked with your fingerprint, pattern, or PIN – so no one can pay with your phone but you.

Keeping your money safe

However you choose to pay, we take fraud protection very seriously.

• We look for any unusual activity and take steps to protect your account

• View your Google Pay transactions in the card app, and see the last ten transactions made on your device in the Google Pay app

• If your phone is ever lost or stolen, you can lock and erase it with Google Find My Device.

How to set up Google Pay

Add your card to Google Pay via your card app.

Open your app

Click ‘Add to Google Pay’ in your ‘My Card’ tab (in the navigation bar)

Enjoy using Google Pay

Add to Google Pay

Alternatively, add your card directly to Google Pay via the Google Pay app.

Open the Google Pay app

Open the Payment tab and select ‘+ Payment method’

Follow the instructions to add your card to your Google Pay app

You can use Google Pay anywhere you see one of these symbols

How to pay contactless with Google Pay

Turn on your phone screen, and unlock your phone

Hold the back of your phone close to the payment reader for a few seconds

When the payment is authorised, you’ll see a blue check mark

If prompted, follow the instructions on the screen.

Set your card as your default payment card

Open the Google Pay app, on the bottom, tap ‘Payment’. Select your card. Tap ‘Make default’.


You can use Google Pay on most Android™ devices, as long as they run Android KitKat® 4.4 or above and have near-field communication technology (NFC).
More information can be found here:

Open your Google Pay app and drag the card to the front.

Google Pay does not send your real card number to the merchant, instead a single-use virtual account number is assigned. Your card details are not stored on your device and your phone is required to be unlocked for all payments over £100.

No, if you have gone overlimit or miss a payment your card will not work on Google Pay.

If your phone has been lost or stolen, or compromised in any other way, you will need to call our Contact Centre on 0333 220 2691 immediately to disable your card in Google Pay. You can use Find My Device to lock it, via the following link: You can then secure it with a new password, or erase your personal data.

If your card has been blocked because it was reported lost or stolen, then you will not be able to use it in your digital wallet.